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Nightingale House Christmas Tree Collection 2022

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Nightingale Christmas Tree Collection 2022

Nightingale Christmas Tree Collection 2022

Support Christmas Tree Recycling

Nightingale House Hospice will once again be collecting real Christmas trees for recycling in January.

Working in partnership with local firms and volunteers, it will be the third year the hospice has offered the service. For a small donation, people can have their trees collected for recycling on Saturday 15 January 2022.

Kimpton Energy Solutions

Nightingale have added the following postcodes to their collection areas this year: CH4 0, CH4 9, CH5, CH6 5, CH6 6, CH6 9, CH7, CH8 7, CH8 8, CH8 9, LL11, LL12, LL13, LL14, LL20, SY12 0, SY12 9, SY11 4 and SY11 3.

To book your tree, visit nightingalehouse.co.uk or call 01978 314 292.

There is no minimum or maximum amount you can give. Every penny raised will go towards patient care at the hospice.

Book In Advance

They will only collect real trees booked in advance. There will no collection of additional trees on the day and you must remove all decorations. Bookings will close on Sunday 9th January at 11.59pm.

Once collected, Nightingales will recycle the trees in various ways. Some will become garden mulch, some will be chipped and used for animal bedding or garden supplies. They will donate the rest to local alpaca and goat farms.

Amberon Traffic Management

This year, the hospice will be working alongside various local businesses, including Thorncliffe Building Supplies, TG Group and WB Environmental to recycle the trees.

Local businesses, including SP Energy Networks, Rivington Haulage, Kimpton Energy Solutions and Read Construction are amongst those who will be donating their time and vehicles to collect the trees. Other firms involved are JT&M Signs, Amberon Traffic Management, Hassle Free Heating, Cable Services Group, Advanced Roofline Systems, Gurkha Gas, Barnett Engineering, Knights Construction, Ian Williams and Forest Traffic Services.

This year, 80 per cent of the money raised will go towards funding patient care and family support services at the hospice with the other 20 per cent donated back to organisations that benefit the community. Ten per cent will go to Just Helping, a national charity that helps the hospice organise the Christmas Tree Collection. The remaining 10 per cent will go to The Rhosnesni Scout Group. This group have been helping support the hospice to promote the event by delivering leaflets around the Wrexham community.

Favourite Event of the Year

Sam Amis (see photo below), Hospice Community and Events Fundraiser said: “The Christmas Tree Collection really is my favourite event of the year! Every year, I am overwhelmed by the support from the community, local businesses, volunteers, tree sellers and, of course, supporters who donate their trees to us. The event not only helps our patients and other local organisation, but it’s also a brilliant initiative to improve the environment for future generations.

Nightingale Christmas Tree Collection 2022
Sam Amis

Dan Harper from Thorncliffe said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Christmas Tree Collection once again this year. The event helps to raise much-needed funds for Nightingale House Hospice and helps support the local community and our environment. We are proud to be taking part.”

Tony Williams from WB Environmental said: “WB Environmental are proud to be working with Nightingale House Hospice to support Christmas Tree Collection 2022. We look forward to the event and supporting the local community.”

Pat Dixon of TG Group added: “TG Group is happy to support Nightingale House Hospice Christmas Tree Collection 2022. It is the first time the hospice has collected trees from Ellesmere and Oswestry postcodes and we hope it is a brilliant success.”

For further information, contact Rob Lambert or Sam Amis on 01978 314 292.

About Nightingale House Hospice

The hospice provides services for people living in NE Wales and border areas living with a life-limiting illness. They deliver when possible in the location of their choice and always within the resources available to Nightingale House Hospice.

They also provide excellent, personal and compassionate care to those in our community and support their families and loved ones.

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Nightingale Christmas Tree Collection 2022

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