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A New Year: Choose Intentions Over Resolutions

A New Year: Choose Intentions Over Resolutions

A New Year: January is a time for resolutions. We may adhere for two weeks, then give up. How about sowing the seeds of intention this year instead?

A New Year: Choose Intentions Over Resolutions

Dreams Coming True

The achievement of a long-held dream becoming a reality left me wanting to share that magic with you. There’s nothing like the feeling of dreams coming true as we cross the finish line of our goals, but realistically they can sometimes take some time before they come to fruition. We may give up before we start, or doubts may creep in en route.

Seventeen years ago, I sat on the couch with long-term ME, suicidal ideation, agoraphobia and social, dental, height and driving phobias. My life was at a rockbottom standstill and governed by paralysing fear. I’d read about a Naturopathic Nutrition course in Manchester. I longed to do it and felt it might help. I couldn’t contemplate travelling there due to anxiety, however. I felt hopeless, but an intention, a desire, was there.

I wanted to get back to work and do things that others took for granted. I returned to the present and what I could do “now” and took the pressure off myself. I simplified my self-expectations. Instead, my achievement would just be getting through each day.

Moving Step by Step

A few years of “daily living” later, some friends went on the course. I still had some way to go. I focused on helping myself locally, holistically and step by step. Having goals and intentions in mind assisted my health further. Although I still had challenges, I became self-employed and used self-care techniques like nutrition, reiki and aromatherapy.

Techniques such as mindfulness and breathing helped keep my brain online while facing my fears (it goes offline when we panic). I listened to intuitive guidance and asked others for help. In January 2019, I signed up for the Naturopathic nutrition course online and, in November last year, I drove to Manchester to a study day! Some geese flew over in a “V” formation. Geese are said to help each other keep up by honking. My anxiety diminished as tears of relief flowed.


I felt like the powers-that-be had got my back and I could do this! I felt the magic of realising that long held dream.


What would you like to manifest in your life? Visualise how you would like your life to be. I visualised myself, back then, driving with confidence and ease. When you’ve visualised, bring yourself back to the present moment. Over time, see what unfolds and listen to intuitive nudges. We don’t always know how to get there, literally or metaphorically!

Sat navs weren’t around when I set my initial intention, but they are now. There was another poignant and literal sign in the toilet at Manchester: “Do not flush paper towels, tissues, wipes and your hopes and dreams down the toilet”. Keep your dreams alive; they may take years to come to fruition, but don’t give up hope; just keep putting them out there and see what comes your way.

Visit Emma’s website at emmasims.co.uk or call her on 07930 120 516. Emma also has a clinic at Unit 4, The Resource Centre, Second Ave, Gwersyllt LL11 4ED.

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