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73 Degree Films: Skateboarding and Blind Dates!

73 Degree Films

Wrexham-based film production company 73 Degree Films has been busy creating cracking new content.

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Pop-Up Skatepark

Earlier this year, they transformed Queen’s Square into a pop-up skatepark. Director Rob Corcoran said, “We had a fun idea for a challenge video involving a giant green screen and the best skateboarders in North Wales for S4C. They loved the idea, but the real challenge was making it happen.”

Rob worked with Wrexham Council to make the idea a reality, selecting a day with lower footfall to ensure crowds wouldn’t form. He also spoke to the police and 73’s insurance company to ensure the event went smoothly.

Skaters, including Joe Hough, Jonny Craven, Chloe Davies, Ste Thompson and others, attended the event, which had a competitive element as Rob comments “We had an open contest for best trick, and the winner got to select a piece of the park to take home with them. There was some fantastic skating on display!”

Skatepark video

Bringing People Together

Many involved were keen to point out Wrexham lacks a quality skatepark in the town centre, meaning that these events are few and far between. Chloe Davies said, “Skateboarding’s always been about bringing people together, so this is a good thing”.

The reconstruction of the skatepark inside Deeside Leisure Centre is underway, however. And with the increased presence of skateboarding at this year’s Olympics (where 13-year-old Sky Brown took home a bronze medal for Team GB), Rob thinks it’s time to rethink skateboarding in Wrexham: “Wrexham deserves a skatepark where this community can grow and inspire more people to take part. The benefits for young people, improving mental health and increasing footfall are clear.”

Blind Date(ish) with Welsh Model Alaw Haf

73 Degree Films: Blind*ish* Date

73 Degree Films’ newest video features a fun, Welsh spin on an old format! They invited top Welsh Model Alaw Haf to play Blind(ish) Date with them! Alaw is a popular model and internet personality (60,000 followers on Instagram and 200,000 on TikTok).

Rob said, “We watched Alaw’s episode of “Young, Welsh & Bossin’ It” on BBC3 and loved her attitude. We knew right away that she would be unique in a 73 Degree Films video. “We wanted to invite her to participate in a fun video where we could get to know her better! After our videos with Bootlegger, working with another popular internet personality from NE Wales was a perfect match!”

In the video, Alaw takes 73 regulars, Rob, Scott and James, on a date, picking a winner and setting off into the sunset. Rob adds “We wanted to interview Alaw in a cheeky way without making it dull. Blind (ish) date felt like the perfect way to do that and have a laugh at the same time!”

The events are now live at youtube.com/c/73degreefilms.

73 Degree Films: Blind*ish* Date
Alaw with James Stevens

73 Degree post videos every Wednesday featuring the best of entertainment from Wrexham and Wales. You can keep up with 73 Degree Films on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook by using @73degreefilms.

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