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Poet Anne Douglas Writes

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Poet Anne Douglas Writes

This month, we feature two more lovely poems by one of our favourite local poets, Anne Douglas. Read more of Anne’s work at crossborderpoets.co.uk

Equally, if you are a poet yourself, why not send us your work and we may be able to include it in a future issue?

Nature Walk

The dawn chorus was still there,
Dulcet tones could be heard
That emanated from oaktree coppices
And from verdant shrubs.
Nature at its best: the many glades and glens
The soft grass underfoot
The humble bindweed in the hedgerow.
Tiny flowers cried out
To take care when walking.
The proud and mirthful daffodils
Swayed their trumpeted heads
As if in agreement with all this,
And blossoming from April until June
Also known as a bit of bread and butter
The mayflower, the hawthorn was the only flower that appeared to smile later on at night.
Yellowhammer was the only bird that had its sound mirthfully transcribed into song
Then, there were the blackcap,
The nightingale
And the blackbird
All tunefully lyrical.
Nature at its best
The dawn chorus was still there.

The Maine Farmer’s Almanac

Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash

January represents the wolf moon.
February means the snow or the hunger moon when only snow lies
and when there is hunger.
March brings in the sugar or worm moon when worms eat their way upwards through the dark earth after winter.
April sees in the pink moon when early spring brings the advent of pink spring flowers and phlox bloom, also known as fish or hare moon.
May brings with it flowers signifying the flowers that grow in that month.
June’s full moon is the rose moon or strawberry moon as these little red berries grow during this month.
July’s full moon for the month brings the hay or buck moon indicating the newly grown antlers on the head of the buck and the deer at this time.
August brings along the sturgeon moon when sturgeon swim in full force in certain American rivers.
September portrays a full corn moon.
October portrays the full Hunter s moon.
Whilst the beavers are out for the full beaver moon in November.
December manifests the full cold moon, it goes without saying because of the freezing cold weather.

We hope you enjoyed Poet Anne Douglas Writes. For more of our poetry articles, click here.

Main feature image by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.

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