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Poet Anne Douglas Presents

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Poet Anne Douglas Presents

This month, we feature two more lovely poems by one of our favourite local poets, Anne Douglas. Read more of Anne’s work at crossborderpoets.co.uk

If you are a poet yourself, equally why not send us your work and we may be able to include it in a future issue?

The Quince Fruit (29th September 2020)

Photo by Julie Doherty on Unsplash

Many a gardener would not know
About the culinary opportunities
And delights of the little known quince!
The quince shrub stood
In the old garden of some ancient house.
These delightful hard golden yellow fruits
Could be made into jam Into preserves and into pies.
Their lovely rose hue
Showing up, as the fruits
Simmered in a pot.
A little sugar
A little water A sprinkle of mixed spice
A drop of cinnamon
A couple of Star Anise perhaps?
Fifty minutes later
And Hey presto
Here we have
Six jars of the Amber Quince nectar
Ready for the cold room
Ready for our store!

The School Trip in the Summer of 1961, circa (16th February 2021)

Photo by Nate Thurman on Unsplash

Taking a long journey home
At the back of the bus she sits
Happily noticing the views
From both sides
The rivers and the trees
The mountains and the fields…
Quietly sitting
With her schoolfriends
She opens her bags
And from within
She lays out on her lap
An ornament for mum
An ashtray for dad
And for herself
She has bought an Eiffel Tower Souvenir book of Paris
And a postcard of the Sacre Coeur
In the sunlight
How her little friends crowd round
And with their oos, their aahs and their coos
And their
What’s that?
And their
Who’s that for?
All decided
What a wonderful weekend
It had been!

We hope you enjoyed Poet Anne Douglas Presents. For more of our poetry articles, click here.

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