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New “Cash In Clothes” Scheme Introduced

by Adam Howarth, Editor
New “Cash In Clothes” Scheme Introduced

Do you want to earn money for being environmentally friendly? “Cash In Clothes” is a unique concept in our area, allowing people to get instant cash for their unwanted clothes! Simply take your clothing to Preworn in Llangollen and they will quality check and weigh them and then pay you instantly!

New “Cash In Clothes” Scheme Introduced

Cash In Clothes offers you the incentive to make the world a greener and more sustainable place. Eighty-five per cent of all clothing that ends up in landfills is in perfect condition and should have a second lease of life.

So, people spring cleaning, clearing out items that don’t fit, that they have grown tired of or don’t know what to do with now have an exciting alternative!

We are all now encouraged to recycle whenever possible, so what a great idea to make money. They pay per weight and have three choices of payment:

  • £5 per 10kg of clothing in cash;
  • £6 per 10kg of clothing via CashApp; or
  • £10 per 10kg in vouchers for their new partner, preworn.ltd.
New “Cash In Clothes” Scheme Introduced

Preworn is the UK’s largest and most trusted seller of secondhand clothing and, through Cash In Clothes’ partnership with Preworn, you can earn double the amount of the value of your clothing! By choosing a gift card and shopping secondhand, you further prevent the damaging effects of fast fashion.

Since the scheme has started, they have received a very positive response from their customers. People are generally surprised and pleased when they see just how much that “clear-out” actually weighs and how much money they will receive for their unwanted items.

They have opening hours to suit everyone, and you can find further details at cashinclothes.co.uk or for more local business articles, click here.

If you wish to shop at Preworn, please follow this link.

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