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Wrexham Town Police FC Breaking Down Barriers

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Wrexham Town Police FC Breaking Down Barriers

Wrexham Town Police Station FC’s bid to forge stronger links within the community continues in earnest. Comprising male and female officers, the police side formed late last year. They have also recently played their third friendly match at Colliers Park.

Community Hub side Yellow and Blue, based on Henblas Street, were the police side’s latest opponents. Earlier fixtures came against Bellevue FC and Wrexham Inclusion FC, teams whose values promote equality and diversity.

Wrexham Town Police - Alice
Pictured for Wrexham Town police is Alice O’Shaughnessy. Picture Mandy Jones

Sergeant Dave Smith is pleased that the community engagement initiative has been well-received. The cohesion between officers and the communities they serve continues to grow.

He said: “I’m delighted with how things have gone so far this year. I feel like the clubs that we’ve played represent the best of Wrexham – with their inclusivity and diversity policies.

“Their teams are made up of players from many different backgrounds, some have had to overcome challenging circumstances in their lives. From an officers’ point of view, we feel like these fixtures are going from strength to strength.

“We’ve been able to show a human side to the force and break down some of the barriers that might exist between ourselves and the wider community. It feels like lasting friendships have been made due to these games. It’s a real positive.”

Wrexham Town Police Tom Norton and Tiago Ginja for Bellevue
Pictured Tiago Ginja for Bellevue and Tom Norton for Wrexham Town police. Picture Mandy Jones

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