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Wal Goch Festival: Live, Dream and Breathe Football

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Wal Goch Festival: Live, Dream and Breathe Football

A massive festival of football will take place at William Aston Hall from Friday to Sunday, the 11th to 13th of November.

Personalities like Ian Rush, Neville Southall, Adrian Chiles, Jason Mohammed, Lesley Griffiths, and also Johnny Owen take part in presentations and workshops all centred around our beautiful game.

Wal Goch Festival: Live, Dream and Breathe Football

Short Film Championship

The festival will include the world’s first football short-film world championship, presented By Christoph Jungmann and Kay Philipp.

On the occasion of the Fifa World Cup 2022, 11mm presents the “first football-short film world championship” at “Wal Goch Festival”: a number of outstanding football-short films compete against each other. A panel of judges selected by the Wal Goch Festival will then select the first ever “football-short film world champion”.

The short films will be presented before each of our event screenings kick off at the William Aston. There will also be a special package of shorts screened at a venue in the centre of Wrexham.

Here is a round-up of the events (see website for event times):

Football Documentaries

Hosted by Joe Towns, Louis Myles, Sarah Gibbins-Troy, John Mckenna, and Greg Caine.

This genre is exploding onto our screens like no other. Netflix kicked it all off with their “Sunderland Til I Die” series, and now Disney and FX have just launched “Welcome to Wrexham” made by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McEllheney.

Factual football films are in fashion and now all the major broadcasters want a piece of the action. Join key decision makers, industry experts and lead creatives from the sports documentary industry. They will talk about the whole process – from pitch to production, fundraising, access, and rights and also distribution.

Defining a Nation

How football helped shape Croatia’s identity with Adrian Chiles.

The story of a nation emerging from the wreckage of the Balkan war and the disintegration of Yugoslavia to come third at the 1998 World Cup in France. A nation barely established took on and beat the world’s powerhouse nations, coming within a whisker of lifting the trophy.

On The Road to Qatar

With Johnny Owen, Ian Rush and Lesley Griffiths.

An exclusive look at the S4C/BBC film documenting Team Cymru’s journey to the World Cup Finals.

Ian Rush
Ian Rush


A legend of Welsh sport hosted by Mind Cymru with extra special guest Neville Southall.

This film follows Neville Southall’s unconventional rise to the top of professional football, and the events that shaped him into an idiosyncratic icon. Unseen archive, deep and revealing interviews with allies, former teammates and also close friends help Neville tell his own funny, surprising, and emotional story.

Neville Southall
Big Nev

Shirts in Welsh Football

From the first shirt you owned as a child to the latest club or national team replica, football fans love football shirts. Many are now considered design classics, some less so. But they all have a place in the game and a story to tell. Shirt Stories provides a glimpse into the history of the Welsh game and a destination for football shirt lovers everywhere.

Much More Than VAR!

Hosted by Seb Belli.

Every day footballers, opinion makers and guests from the world of footie, fashion, film and public life chat about football, history, politics, and culture of the game.

On Our Terms

Changing the game: women, empowerment and equality.

Hosted by This Fan Girl.

The award-winning digital platform, ‘This Fan Girl’ partners with Wal Goch to present a screening and panel discussion that will celebrate the power of football and the way it can empower women and non-binary people.


This session will be a Q&A with producers Laurence Mora and Dan Harris.

They will be discussing the film showing the extraordinary story and fairytale rise of Swansea City under John Toshack. The film also features John Bishop, Gareth Edwards, Malcolm Struel, and Leighton James.

In the late 70s, Swansea City, a club struggling at the wrong end of the football league, pulled off an audacious move to sign one of football’s top players – Wales and Liverpool legend John Toshack – as their new player-manager.

What happened next was fairytale stuff. Tosh led the team from the bottom of the fourth division to the first division in five years.

Football Focus Poetry

A night of multilingual words and poems celebrating football with two of Wales’ top poets, former National Poet of Wales Ifor Ap Glyn and our own Evrah Rose.

The duo bring together a team of poets from around the world to celebrate and combine football and poetry in an exciting night of verse in the centre of Wrexham.

Evrah Rose
Evrah Rose

Can Fan Power Save Football’s Soul?

Champions League protests, 50+1 rule in Germany, Ultras taking back control of their clubs.

Tim Hartley (Cymru), Kit Holden (Germany), Ignacio Lorente (Spain) and James Montague (UK/Turkey) give their unique perspectives.

Yma O Hyd

Exclusive screening and a world premiere.

Hosts Jason Mohammed (TBC) and Dafydd Iwan (TBC) with live music from Barry Horns

This exclusive screening and world premiere of the film follows Dafydd Iwan’s personal journey with team Cymru. It also unpacks the history of the song and also looks at why and how it has such an emotional connection to the fans.

Don’t Take Me Home/Peidiwch â Mynd â Fi Adre

Jonny Owen’s iconic film chronicles the Welsh international football team’s rise through the FIFA World Rankings, and onto their first international tournament for 58 years.

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