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Rhos Male Voice Choir Set to Hold Charity Event

Wrexham's Rhos Male Voice Choir standing in front of Ponciau bandstand

Choir fans are in for a treat this month, as Wrexham-based Rhos Male Voice Choir have announced performances at a number of local venues, including a charity concert for Marie Curie.

Marie Curie

The multi-award-winning Rhos Male Voice Choir will perform at Penyffordd and Penymynydd Royal British Legion on Saturday, 18th November. The event starts at 7:30 and will raise money for Marie Curie, a charity offering care and support through terminal illness.

Tickets cost £10 and are available on the door or in advance. Contact details are available via the Rhos Male Voice Choir website at rmvc.co.uk.

Paul Scott

Paul Scott is the current secretary of Rhos Male Voice. He said: “For years, Rhos Male Voice has aimed to support local charities by educating the public in the art and science of music. We do this through rehearsing and performing locally and nationally”.

Paul added that the choir has several concerts between now and Christmas, all of which include a blend of traditional Welsh with English and international languages, such as German, Italian and South African.

Rhos Male Voice Choir
Rhos Male Voice Choir Logo

Extremely Talented

“Our musical director, James Llewelyn Jones, is extremely talented at pitching a programme. We always tailor our programmes to the audience. It’s a real skill so the choir knows what to perform and where”. The choir has been promoting singing in the Welsh language since it was formed 132 years ago in 1891.

They have since welcomed choristers from as far as Shrewsbury and Whitchurch, who travel to Wrexham twice a week for choir practice. The choir currently has 50 members, ranging from age 15 to 90 years.

A Good Local Feel

Rhos Male Voice is working hard to cast the net further and always welcomes new members with open arms. “We routinely have people turn up at rehearsals and they are more than welcome,” Paul said. “There’s a good local feel to it. Those interested in joining are always invited to join us for practice and have a listen; there’s no pressure to join in”.

The choir has also gained an international reach and has attracted members from as far as Hong Kong and the USA, who are blown away by Wrexham’s unique culture and heritage.


Rhos Male Voice will also perform at a number of venues this month, including St Dunawd’s Church in Bangor-on-Dee, St John’s Church, Llandudno and the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall, Dolywern.

For more information about Rhos Male Voice Choir or to pre-order tickets for the Marie Curie concert, visit the RMVC website. Those interested can also contact Paul Scott at rmvc.sec@gmail.com or on 07922 490 946.

If you would like to keep up to date with the community, click here.

Article written by our new writer Leah Collins who spoke to Paul Scott about all things Rhos Male Voice Choir.

Leah Collins

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