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Tracey Evans’ Inspirational Journey

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Tracey Evans

Tracey Evans’ inspirational journey stands as a shining example of resilience in the face of life’s trials. Tracey’s story radiates determination and courage, from her early experiences in patient care as a hospital nurse to her battle with breast cancer.

Initially drawn to hands-on patient care, Tracey’s path veered from the conventional nursing route. Instead, she found comfort in offering complementary services, like providing hair and nail care to patients.

“I guess I was pretty lucky back then because I got to do complementary therapy alongside my regular nursing duties. We had enough staff, so it worked out well.”

A new path led her to work with preschoolers with special needs, a dream she wholeheartedly realised. However, life took an unexpected turn with a breast cancer diagnosis. Leveraging her background in delivering tough news, Tracey recognised the signs and empathised with the impact on her loved ones.

Navigating this arduous journey was no small feat. Her family grappled with the dual challenge of supporting her through treatments while also tending to her son’s educational needs. Despite these formidable obstacles, Nightingale House Hospice emerged as a sanctuary, introduced to her by compassionate district nurses.

Tracey Evans

“It almost felt like when I was here, you’re in this sort of cocoon. So, it’s like they’re wrapping you up with a blanket around your shoulders. It was really comforting; that’s the only way I can describe it. Because that was the feeling I got from everybody here who was looking after me. It was restorative and benefitted me in many ways; it was a really scary time.”

Tracey’s narrative underscores the vital role of hospices in providing essential support during challenging times. Her wise words should encourage people to embrace support and confront obstacles with newfound determination.

“You do have to think about positives when times are hard going, and it gets really tough. You need to see the light. There’s got to be some sort of glimmer somewhere. And I think if there is, Nightingale House and other hospices help people to see that glimmer.”

Through her journey, Tracey Evans reminds us that challenges can be avenues for growth, and determination is a choice we can all embrace. Finally, to keep up to date with the community, click here.

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