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New Safar Bistro in Wrexham

“Safar… So Good!”

Our own Leah Collins tries out the new Mediterranean-style bistro in Wrexham. Located on Chester Street, The Safar Bistro Grill blends tradition and innovation by offering a fusion menu combining Greek, Turkish, and Italian cuisine.

The bistro will also serve classic favourites, including English breakfasts, smashed avocado, burgers, pasta dishes, coffees, and bespoke cocktails in the evening to cater to a range of tastes and take customers on a “culinary journey” that celebrates authentic cuisine.

A Harmony of Flavours

With dishes that provide a “harmony of flavours and aromas”, Safar’s menu has something for everyone, including a range of grilled skewer dishes and their very own Arabic inspired “Safar Kofte Skewer”, which is marinated in spices over a charcoal grill.

Stafar Bistro Food

Owner Arek Chelpa said: “I am really excited to have opened the Safar Bar and Grill restaurant. The name, meaning “journey”, combines my two daughter’s names which was my own idea. It’s been quite a journey and is one I hope continues successfully.”

Arek, who is originally from Poland, has been a resident of Wrexham for the past two decades. He added: “We have had so much support from the local community. It’s been massive and the reviews have been extremely positive. The community has been very welcoming, which is completely great. We hope to recruit more members of staff in the future as we gain momentum.”

Safar Restaurant

The restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere and tasty cuisine have already gained popularity amongst the residents of Wrexham.

Taking to social media, one person said: “If you haven’t been here yet, you need to! The food is incredible, great atmosphere and lovely staff!”.

Another added: “Had a lovely meal here on Friday. Thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to try something new”.

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Inside the bistro

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