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Tom Walker Plays Free Gigs in Queen’s Square

by Love Wrexham Magazine

Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker performed two free gigs in front of enthusiastic crowds in the heart of Wrexham on Sunday, March 17. Queen’s Square was full for the two 25-minute sets from the 32-year-old.

Tom arrived to rapturous applause and went headlong into his 2020 hit, “Wait For You” before playing a set full of crowd pleasers ending with his iconic “Leave A Light On”.

In between songs, he entertained the crowd with tales of his visit the day before to The Turf and the STōK Cae Ras to watch Wrexham AFC’s 1-0 defeat to Tranmere Rovers. “I can’t believe the turnout,” he said. “There’s something magic going on in this city.”

We also found out why he had chosen Wrexham when he explained, “A while back, we asked which small towns that bands and artists kind of forget about on a touring schedule should we visit. “First, we did Tamworth, then Barnsley. This weekend, on Sunday, we are [in] Wrexham in Wales. It was one of the top-commented places that we should visit.”

He also dedicated one of his songs to Lee Clutton, a local taxi driver he had met in Wrexham the day before and who had helped a friend of Tom’s find a last-minute ticket for the Tranmere match.

One of the highlights of the day was when 10-year-old local boy Olly was invited to perform before Tom took to the stage and played AC/DC’s iconic “Thunderstruck”.

All images courtesy of WXM Photography.
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