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Disabling Ableism by Local Writer Samantha Maxwell

by Love Wrexham Magazine

Local author Samantha Maxwell is holding a book launch on Saturday, 20th April at the Xplore Science Discovery Centre in Wrexham from 2 to 4pm to celebrate her latest work, Disabling Ableism.

The book deals with public perceptions and opinions of disability. Samantha asked as many people as possible about their views on disability and whether anything needed to change. She was lucky enough to receive contributions from disabled and non-disabled people. Including Lesley Griffiths, MS for Wrexham, and Kerry Evans, the Disability Liaison Officer at Wrexham AFC.

Her first book, CP Isn’t Me, was part autobiographical and part factual. She talked about her personal experiences of living with mild cerebral palsy within the world and the discrimination she faced from people in society due to that condition. Samantha Maxwell has a degree in graphic design and works as a freelance graphic designer. She also owns her own small part-time business and is an author. “Because I’m in a wheelchair, that is all society sees, unfortunately.”

CP Isn’t Me has been endorsed by the likes of Lesley Griffiths, MS for Wrexham, and The Jacksons.

With Disabling Ableism, Samantha wanted to turn the topic onto the public and ask people their true personal opinions about disability. She wanted to do this to make people aware of the fictionalised version of disability versus reality. She hopes this will change people’s perceptions of disability for the better.

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