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Council Kop Update

by Love Wrexham Magazine

It’s been a few months since the last Kop update, and Wrexham fans have been dying for some news. Well, Wrexham Council has now duly obliged.

As reported by wrexham.com, Wrexham Council chief executive Ian Bancroft has outlined that heads of terms for the redevelopment have been agreed.

However, Bancroft claims that the final legal agreement is still missing. Wrexham must now sign off on that part before they can receive the £17million of public funding that Wrexham Council will make available.

“The heads of terms were agreed a considerable amount of time ago. What hasn’t been completed is the final legal agreement. It is ready for final checks and signing, so we will wait for that to come back,” says Bancroft.

“It’s with the football club to sign that off and that will trigger release of funding. We are in a position of waiting for completion of the final legal contract, not the heads of terms, which has already been agreed,” he added.

This encouraging news means the club may well get that final legal aspect signed off soon. Hopefully, they can then kick off the necessary development work.

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