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No 22 – New Tŷ Pawb Café Owners With A Whole New Concept

by Love Wrexham Magazine
No 22 Random Act of Kindness cards

No 22 are a community-orientated café in the building of Tŷ Pawb, bringing the ethos of community. Helping each other without having to donate or think about it.

Pay It Forward

Using our everyday eating-out habits, they are aiming to enable the community to ‘pay it forward’ through ordering from the café or by using our suspended board. The pay-it-forward scheme already enables us to provide food to children. This is also through the Fifa tournament we’ve held for a good cause at Tŷ Pawb. We’ve also held event funding for the Wrexham Football Inclusion Celebration Party and we are currently issuing vouchers to Nightingale House. These will be handed out to volunteers for scones and tea.

No 22 logo

With the introduction of our brand new ‘Random Act of Kindness’ card, we are hoping this will enable a more anonymous, less intrusive way of giving to people less fortunate than ourselves. This scheme, although we are starting it at No 22 in Tŷ Pawb, we hope will encourage other local businesses once we have piloted it, to engage with us and help in a way that’s not promotion-based. It’s a random act and it does not need cameras, photos, adverts or self-publicity to work.

The Pay It Forward Scheme

The Pay It Forward scheme enables us to benefit local organisations or people in need by us allocating one hot drink or one of our meals for every ten sold or the equivalent. We do need people to work with us. So feel free to pop into the café and have a chat with us about our initiatives. We are merely trying invite the community to think more about each other and help in a positive way.

We source wherever possible from local businesses and people in the local area. If you think you can help use our scheme in anyway or know of an organisation that could benefit from the Pay It Forward scheme, please let us know. We are a member of the Suspended Coffee Movement, and the Pay It Forward movement.

No 22 is not about any individual; we are as much a part of the community as you.

Visit Ty Pawb’s website here.

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