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Do You Know? – No ‘Beach Bod’ in Barcelona

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Apollo autograph card

No ‘Beach Bod’ in Barcelona!

  1. ItVenus de Milo is illegal to wear a bikini in Barcelona, except on the beach.
  2. In 1853, the Venus de Milo statue was put on trial for nudity in Mannheim, Germany.
  3. Aztec mothers who died in childbirth were regarded as highly as warriors who died in battle.
  4. Shark Bay, Australia, is now called ‘Safety Beach’. It changed its name to attract tourists.
  5. 18.3% of Iceland’s population uses cannabis, placing them as the top marijuana-consuming nation in the world.

“Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth” – Mike Tyson

  1. Mike TysonWhen Muhammad Ali lost a fight against Larry Holmes, a 14-year-old Mike Tyson promised him that when he “got big”, he would beat Larry Holmes for him. Six years later he took Holmes down.
  2. The main actor of “The Gods Must Be Crazy” was only paid $300 even though the film made over $60 million.
  3. Rock Paper Scissors was invented in China, but popularized in Japan where it’s called “Janken.”
  4. Saltwater crocodiles enjoy catching a wave and can travel hundreds of kilometres by “surfing” on ocean currents.
  5. ‘Orchid’ actually means testicle. The surgical procedure to remove one or more testicles is an ‘orchidectomy’.

We Are Truly a Dog’s Best Friend

  1. Researchers have found that more than a third of all sick leave is taken on a Monday.
  2. The word “vodka” is a diminutive form of the Slavic word “voda” (water) interpreted as “little water”.
  3. Passport photo with dogIn 1916, the German Empire allowed citizens to take passport photos with their dogs.
  4. It is possible to find the age of a lobster by counting the rings on its eyestalks.
  5. Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut album was released on Friday the 13th February, 1970.

A Pilot’s Mistake

  1. According to a survey, 24 is the age you’re most likely to shop at IKEA.
  2. Finland’s passport became a flipbook when it was redesigned in 2012. It features a moose that walks across the page as you thumb through it.
  3. Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t arrested for killing President Kennedy. He was actually arrested for fatally shooting a police officer 45 minutes after the death of JFK.
  4. Chewing gum became a global phenomenon during WWII when it was included in American GI rations.
  5. Plane crashIn 1986, a Soviet pilot made a bet with his co-pilot that he could land the aeroplane with an instrument-only approach with no visual contact with the ground. He crashed the plane, killing 70 of the 94 passengers and crew on board.

An Apollo Astronauts Autograph

  1. Taylor Swift has trademarked the phrases “this sick beat”, “party like it’s 1989,” and “Nice to meet you. Where you been?”.
  2. After the assassination of JFK, all three US TV networks interrupted their regular programming to cover it for four straight days, the longest uninterrupted news event until 9/11.
  3. Apollo autograph cardApollo Astronauts couldn’t get life insurance. They made their own by autographing cards to be sold by their families if they didn’t return.
  4. A British study found that one third of vegetarians eat meat when drunk.
  5. The Statue of Liberty employs gum-cleaning staff who use specially designed “GumBuster” machines.
  6. In Sweden, IKEA is pronounced “ee-kay-uh” not “eye-kee-ah”. The word is made up of the initials of the founder’s name and the village he grew up in.

1980’s – What a Era!

  1. During Germany’s hyperinflation that peaked in 1923, a loaf of bread cost 428 billion marks and a kilo of butter would run you roughly 6 trillion.
  2. US television networks allow alcohol to be advertised as long as no one in the commercial is actually drinking it.
  3. Divers who recover golf balls from lakes make up to £116,000 per year or $150,000.
  4. “Euouae” is the longest word in the English language which is made up of nothing but vowels.
  5. There are only four artists who have achieved a Top 40 hit every decade since the 1980s: U2, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Weird Al Yankovic.

The Pyramid Wasn’t the Only Thing to Be Erected in Egypt!

  1. One in five kidneys donated in the US are thrown away because a suitable recipient can’t be found.
  2. Tutankhamen was the only ancient Egyptian who was mummified with an erect penis.
  3. The largest volcanic region on Earth is two kilometres below the surface of the vast ice sheet that covers west Antarctica where at least 136 volcanoes are located.
  4. Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport is named because the land it’s built on was owned originally by the Knights Templar.
  5. France paid the highest taxes in Europe in 2016, with a real tax rate of 57.53%.

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