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Going Out Into Wrexham Tonight? Follow These Rules

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Going Out In Wrexham - North Wales Foodies

Going out into Wrexham town centre for a drink or bite to eat this evening? Follow these guidelines and stay safe.

The most important changes to highlight are how pubs and restaurants must now operate and to give people a heads-up on what to expect when they head out.

Going out into Wrexham for a drink or for a meal out tonight?

Welsh Government have published clear guidance for anyone working in the hospitality sector and for anyone going to the pub or for a meal out.

You can view the guidance here, but the key changes are:
  • It is now a legal requirement to wear a face mask to go into a pub or to go into a restaurant or café.
  • All staff working in areas where there are customers wearing masks.
  • You must keep your mask on at all times except when you are sitting at your table.
  • There will be table service only and you may not get up to go to the bar. A waiter will take your order at the table and bring your drinks to you.
  • You cannot mingle with anyone outside you table group or move around inside the premises.
  • You must not move the tables as the established will have laid these out in order to keep people from different households a safe distance apart.
Other points to note are:
  • Even if you are only out for a drink and not a meal, you must remain at your designated table for the duration of your visit.
  • If you need to leave the table for any reason, for example to go to the toilet, you must put your face mask on.
  • Pubs and restaurants are likely to be operating a booking system, even for customers who are only having a drink. Check before you go and book if you can.
  • There are exemptions regarding the wearing of masks which will apply to some customers and guidelines explain what these exceptions are.

These new measures are there to protect everyone and reduce the spread of the virus. If they fail and infections continue to rise, it is probable that the government will introduce more restrictive measures.

Please click here for more coronavirus advice.

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