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Uranus Summers Last 42 Years

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Strange Facts Uranus Summers

Do you know Uranus summers last 42 years? We have this and 29 other strange facts for you!

“See You Tomorrow” on Uranus Has a Whole Different Meaning!

  1. In Peru, there’s a billboard that creates drinking water out of thin air.
  2. Women say about 20,000 words a day – that’s 13,000 more than the average man.
  3. In World War Two, Flight Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade fell out of a plane from 18,000 feet (5,500m) without a parachute. He suffered only a sprained leg.
  4. A single year on Uranus lasts 30,688.5 Earth days and its summers are 42 years long. Also, like Venus, Uranus rotates in the direction opposite of its orbit around the Sun (a phenomena known as retrograde rotation).
  5. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. Its mass is 318 times that of the Earth. In fact, Jupiter is two-and-a-half times more massive than all of the other planets in the Solar System combined!
  6. The southernmost active volcano on Earth is in Antarctica. It spews crystals and is very close to the US Research Centre.
  7. Hunting unicorns is legal in the US state of Michigan as Lake Superior State University offers a unicorn hunting licence.
  8. “Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” is the fear of long words!

“One Small Step…”

  1. Elephants and chimpanzees can display behaviour patterns similar to post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.
  2. The FBI has a Twitter slang dictionary.
  3. Eighty per cent of people living in rural areas in developing countries rely on traditional plant-based medicines for basic healthcare.
  4. A technician accidentally erased the original tapes of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
  5. Only one-half of a dolphin’s brain goes to sleep at a time.
  6. Leeches have 32 brains.
  7. Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.
  8. Coffee is the world’s second most valuable traded commodity. Petroleum is the first.

Anyone Who Had a Heart…

  1. Your heart can keep beating even if you separate it from the body because it has its own electrical impulse.
  2. It’s impossible to sneeze while sleeping.
  3. Similar to fingerprints, everyone also has a unique tongue print.
  4. The wood frog can freeze solid during winter, thaw in the spring and remain perfectly healthy.
  5. Chimps can play rock-paper-scissors at the same level as a four-year-old human child.
  6. Your heart creates enough energy every day to drive a truck for 20 miles.
  7. California is the world’s fifth-largest supplier of food.
  8. A single sneeze travels 100 miles per hour and shoots 100,000 germs into the air.

To “Baldly” Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

  1. We perceive men with shaved heads to be an inch taller and 13% stronger than men with hair.
  2. In his lifetime, a man spends almost six months shaving.
  3. If you drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth and jumped in, it would take you about 42 minutes to get to the other end.
  4. La Tomatina is an annual festival held in the Spanish town of Buñol where people throw thousands of tomatoes at each other.
  5. In English-speaking countries, the most popular names for dogs are Max and Molly.
  6. Since 2015, throwing away food is illegal in Seattle.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Uranus Summers and 29 other facts. Click here for more from our Do You Know? series.

Feature photo by Nasa on Unsplash

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