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Body Talk: What Is It Telling You?

Body Talk: Release the Pain and Tension  

WellBeing Understanding Your Body

Learning how to hear the subtle signals unique to your body may help you release the pain and tension held there. Article by our regular contributor, Holistic Therapist Emma Sims.

What is your body trying to tell you?

A holistic approach to health takes the whole of the person’s “being” into account. According to our individuality, we all consist of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts with some aspects stronger than others.

An athlete may be physically and mentally attuned yet less emotionally focused. A vicar may be more spiritually led than physical. Like a domino effect, imbalances in one or more of these levels can have a knock-on effect on others.

When we are overthinking or over-busy, we can suppress our feelings. We may subconsciously develop coping mechanisms to avoid emotions such as addictions, blaming others, denial or poor memory.

Physical Tension

Enduring stressful events without feeling stressed may result from putting aside feelings to “get on”. Our feelings may then be held as physical tension in the body, which, if stuck over time, can build up as disease and disharmony. Health niggles get worse: shoulders tense and the false smile of “I’m fine” may produce the clenched jaw of “actually I’m not”.

Problems with our hands may relate to difficulties letting go. You may hold unexpressed anger or grief in your fists, which may cause sore hands and arms over time. Finding outlets such as the gym or massage can release tense emotions.

Considerable energy is used to bury our feelings and may factor in chronic fatigue. A history of trauma is often implicated in chronic ill health, however, not one size fits all. Aching shoulders and the weight of the world on them may be apt for one person, but not another.

WellBeing Understanding Your Body

Melting The Ice

Holistic Therapists often find that working with a client via massage can help release trapped energy or feelings, which you can then remove. I visualise tension like ice ‘frozen’ in the body. “Melting the ice” via therapies to get the body’s energy flowing again is vital.

We can experience relief of tension and more profound relaxation as “tears flow” or we let off steam and just let go. In this way, holistic therapies can complement counselling well.

Tuning in and listening to our body via meditation, yoga or holistic therapies helps us understand how to best support and meet our needs. What’s your body trying to tell you? Is it a bad back saying you’ve “made a rod for your own back”? Or do you have leg problems, “standing up for yourself”?

Putting your “best foot forward” or “feeling stuck” may refer to foot problems. What’s happening with your listening skills if you suffer from ear problems? Are you literally unbalanced with vertigo? People may say “stick your neck out” or “wind it in!”. Heart problems might be rooted in suppressed heartbreak or grief.

Listening to your body and working with it may help you to better health. No guarantee, no promises, but it is another health approach to try.

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WellBeing Understanding Your Body

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