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The Wisdom of Water

The Wisdom of Water

We consist of trillions of cells, each individual cell contributing to how we function. Loving “ourcellf” is imperative for vitality; our cells need good nutrition and water to perform correctly.

The Elixir of Life

The adult body comprises 75% water, of which the brain is about 85% water, while blood and lymph is 85-90% water. Without this elixir, we can’t live for more than three days; it’s our lifeblood and transport mechanism for nutrients. Each cell carries out its many processes and communicates via electricity and water. Moreover, if dehydrated, we can feel stuck or sluggish. Think of how hard wading through thick mud is (and how drinking extra with a cold thins the mucous). A lack of liquids can cause illness and delay recovery.

Stress triggers “fight or flight”, and this phenomenon increases respiration resulting in water vapour loss. We may also urinate and perspire more. Which comes first? Do our cells feel anxious under drought conditions? Is a chronic lack of liquids anxiety-provoking if the cell doesn’t receive its full quota to function? Medications, excess trans fats and sugar consumption, menstruation, allergies, diarrhoea, breastfeeding and also vomiting can cause water shortages within.

The Wisdom of Water

“The Solution to Pollution Is Dilution!”

Liquids helps our body physically flush out toxins, with Holy water being the go-to for spiritual cleansing and purification. If stuck and stagnant, we’re unable to “go with the flow”. Does dehydration render us less fluid, unable to adapt?

Masaru Emoto’s ice crystals photos demonstrate the influence of praying over water, playing classical music and speaking words of love. These positives produce beautiful ice crystals. Derogatory terms such as “stupid” result in distorted crystals. As we contain so much, perhaps positive or negative self-talk, thoughts, and speech can also influence us on that level.

Therapists recommend two to three litres per day of filtered or still bottled. Urine colour is an indicator of hydration status. On waking, it may be dark yellow, after that, ideally the colour of straw and odourless.

Try a “pinch” test to see if the skin on the hand “tents”, indicating dehydration. If hydrated, the skin goes straight back down. Moreover, some of us can be a bit like “a dehydrated hanging basket” with water going straight through! To help retain it, omega 3 from fish or linseeds or olive oil may be a beneficial dietary inclusion.

The Wisdom of Water

Counterbalancing Diuretics

Aiming to have a pint of water on waking, half an hour before each meal and one midevening, is a good routine. A glass before a cup of tea or coffee counterbalances caffeine’s diuretic effect.

Electrolyte drinks such as a glass of “sole” (a teaspoon of saturated Himalayan salt water in a glass of water) or slices of cucumber, lemon and a dot of honey can help hydration during hot weather or after exercise. The message for our cell “wealth” and good health is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

“One of the best things that we can do for our children is to activate their natural thirst for water”, Lesley Una Pierce.

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