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New Media Wall Displays Now at Cliftons Fireplace Studio

by Love Wrexham Magazine
New Media Wall Displays Now at Cliftons Fireplace Studio

If you like to keep up with the latest interior ideas, you’ll be no stranger to electric fire media walls.

Concealing Cables

In recent years, having your television above your fireplace has become very popular, but how do you conceal the cables and power cords? A media wall is the solution!

Media walls are very versatile and can be designed to suit your needs. As well as being practical, the panoramic electric fire is an impressive feature. Although electric fires can produce up to 2kW of heat, they also offer flames without the heat, meaning you can enjoy the ambience of an electric fire all year round. They utilise the latest LED technology, making them extremely efficient and cost-effective.

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Quality and Aftercare

At Cliftons, we have painstakingly selected Media Wall fires from the UK’s leading manufacturers. As always, our priorities are product quality, value for money, and customer aftercare. You can purchase your new media wall fire with confidence, knowing you are buying a quality product.

You can rely on our team to provide you with a friendly and professional service to help you select the fire that is right for you. Finally, for more articles on local businesses, click here.

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