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The Strange Story of the Rhostyllen Disc

by Love Wrexham Magazine
The Strange Story of the Rhostyllen Disc

Chester Street based Martin Rees Jewellers are featuring a bespoke range of silver jewellery based on the Rhostyllen Disc. An item found in the local village of Rhostyllen by a metal-detecting enthusiast over 20 years ago.

The British Museum

Experts at the British Museum identified it as a piece from a Dark Ages (476-1000CE) “hanging bowl” (an unusual type of ceremonial vessel). Made from bronze, with coloured champleve enamel decoration, it dates from the sixth or seventh century. The unique reproduction pieces are only available from Rees Jewellers. Although they do not yet appear on their website, they can be posted to you if you call them on 01978 266 887 and pay by card.

the Rhostyllen Disc
The disc pictured is a similar artefact –
the Oxford Disc.

Wrexham Museum

Jonathan Gammond from Wrexham Museum has provided a little background information on the “disc”: “The Rhostyllen disc was on display in the main gallery. However, it was never part of the museum collection and was on loan from its finder. “I know the disc was returned to the collector circa 2001-2 since we had to incorporate a new display about Brymbo Man and the then-new Welsh Football Collection. We don’t know what happened to it after that.”

The museum are investigating to see if they can uncover any further information.

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Martin Rees Jewellers advert

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