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Joy Wisdom Trust: Innovative Medical Health Practitioners

by Love Wrexham Magazine

Joy Wisdom Trust is the brainchild of Joy Wisdom, who has two decades of professional experience, specialising in mental health and women’s and children’s health. They are designed to be different, not-for-profit, and bring innovation to preventative health. It features new approaches to body-mind-emotion correction using combined methods with learning self-help options, workshops, webinars, seminars, and support group tools.

The Trust also employs new vision programmes to improve core resilience, thereby re-establishing confidence and self-esteem. They can prevent mental health issues and bring harmony, also alerting you to hidden factors around birth, links to depression, anxiety, PPD/PTSD, and ADHD. Joy Wisdom Trust has the expertise to help prevent long-term health disorders.

Joy Wisdom Trust offers person-centred support with a listening ear tailored to your individual needs. Education, mentoring, and coaching expertise allow individuals to recover faster, getting ‘their life back’ and preventing health contraindicators. “We only know what we know until we know differently.

You can book a free 20-minute call and find out more about their videos, webinars and blogs by visiting their website at joywisdomtrust.org. Alternatively, you can contact Joy at info@joywisdomtrust.org or 07930 657 790.

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