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Eight Ways To Raise Money For Your Charity

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Image courtesy of Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Running and raising money for charity takes a lot of work, time, and money. Fundraising is crucial to keeping your charity operating and fulfilling its mission. While some fundraising methods require significant upfront investment or planning, there are many simple ways to raise money that are easy to execute.

Here are eight straightforward fundraising ideas for your charity.

1. Ask for Donations

The most direct way to raising money for charity is simply to ask people for donations. Reach out to your supporters through email, social media, phone calls or letters. Share your charity’s impact and how donations will be used. Provide details on how to give online, by text or by mail. Follow up with existing donors to renew their support. With minimal effort, asking for donations can net significant contributions. Consider offering different giving levels with small thank-you gifts to incentivise larger gifts.

2. Hold an Online Fundraising Campaign

Online fundraising campaigns through websites like JustGiving or GoFundMe make it easy to reach a wide audience. Share your campaign through email and social media. Highlight an engaging story and specific funding goal to spur supporters to give. Consider running campaigns tied to an event or activity like running a marathon. Online campaigns are simple to set up and shareable to collect donations from far and wide. Make it fun by including contests and milestones to keep supporters engaged.

3. Sell Custom Silicone Wristbands

Selling custom silicone wristbands is an easy way to fundraise while promoting your charity. Order wristbands emblazoned with your charity’s name or slogan. Sell the wristbands in person at events or online through your charity’s website or social channels. Wristbands are affordable to produce and easy to sell at a markup. They provide a visible way for supporters to show commitment to your cause. Offer creative designs and phrases that supporters will be excited to wear.

4. Organise a Raffle

Holding a raffle allows patrons to donate for the chance to win exciting prizes. Secure raffle prizes from local businesses like gift certificates, tickets too events or merchandise. Sell raffle tickets in-person or online leading up to the big drawing. Promote your raffle via email, social media and flyers to drive ticket sales. You can also talk about it in local newsletters or news websites. Raffles are simple to manage and can raise substantial funds. Increase excitement by holding early bird drawings for smaller prizes leading up to the grand prize.

Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

5. Host a Sports Tournament

Host a charity golf, tennis, football or video game tournament. Charge teams or individuals an entrance fee to compete while having fun and supporting your cause. Seek prize donations from local companies and ask participants to fundraise through sponsorships. Include food, contests and an awards ceremony on the day to make the event extra special. Sports tournaments are engaging events that can attract participants and spectators. Offer fun extras like massages, photo booths and live music to create a festival atmosphere.

6. Hold a Used Book Sale

Used book sales provide an ongoing income stream for charities. Place collection bins around your community to gather donated books year-round. Sort and price books by category. Then, hold a multi-day used book sale in a high-traffic area. Promote the sale through posters, social media and email lists. You can also sell extra books on sites like eBay. Used book sales are easy to repeat and sustain. Increase inventory by partnering with schools and libraries to gather even more donated books.

7. Organise a Bake Sale

A classic bake sale continues to be an effective way of raising money for charity. Reach out to supporters to contribute homemade baked goods like cookies, cakes and pies. Set up a table at your office, church or a community event. Price items affordably for easy selling. Have volunteers staff the table to engage customers. Bake sales are simple to run and can earn quick cash. Boost sales by pairing your bake sale with another event like a car wash or charity concert.

8. Create DIY Fundraisers

For an easy do-it-yourself fundraiser, design custom t-shirts, tote bags or other merchandise to sell. Products can be created affordably through online shops. Sell items at in-person events or through social media. You can also set up DIY crowdfunding pages where supporters host their own fundraisers benefiting your charity. Empowering others to fundraise provides effortless income. Offer fun merchandise designs that supporters will be excited to buy and wear.

Getting creative with simple and scalable fundraising ideas can generate steady revenue for your charity. Use a mix of online and in-person events to engage a wider base of supporters. Don’t forget to leverage custom silicone wristbands along with other easy-to-sell merchandise. With a little time and effort, you’ll be raising funds to fuel your charitable mission in no time!

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