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“Time is Running Out” Exhibition at Xplore!

by Love Wrexham Magazine

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Institution of Civil Engineers’ (ICE) touring exhibition, “Time is Running Out”, at Xplore! Science Discovery Centre, Wrexham.

The exhibition is an educational experience, ideal for families, young people and those wanting to learn more about engineering. The recently launched exhibition runs until 8th March 2024. It is created around six questions looking at encouraging minds, both young and old.

The show will consider the future of infrastructure and the role of civil engineers. It will help society respond to the challenges of climate change.  

As young people walk through the exhibition, they will come across original hand-drawn illustrations and animations. They will hear six children talk to TV presenter and engineer Rob Bell, asking impactful questions about ending waste, the impact of transport, energy sources, value in water, smarter cities and living with flooding.

Inspire Young People

These topics address our future and a wide range of global problems. It aims to inspire young people who are passionate enough about the environment to consider civil engineering as a career.

Schools or parents with children can visit the exhibition at Xplore! Science Discovery Centre and take advantage of the interactive displays and take away literature available.

Ysgol Bro Alun school have done just that and teacher, Sioned Hughes commented: “The children have had a wonderful time. They really enjoyed the ‘Time is Running Out Exhibition’.

They learnt loads about civil engineering and what kind of doors it can open for them as well as the positive impact civil engineering can have on the environment. It’s definitely inspired them to go into the world of engineering.”

Keith Jones, ICE Wales Cymru director, said: “Welcoming such an impactful exhibition to Wrexham and North Wales that not only engages young people but adults alike is important to spark conversation about the global problems. It gets us talking about solutions through civil engineering.”

Jennifer Hough, Education Officer for Xplore! Science Discovery Centre, also commented: “We are delighted to host the ICE Time is Running Out touring exhibition here in Wrexham. Having the exhibition in situ at the start of a new year will be a great opportunity for our visitors to engage and learn about engineering a net zero world in 2024.”

For further information on the ICE Time is Running Out exhibition presence at Xplore! Science Discovery Centre, please visit: ice.org.uk/events/exhibitions/time-is-running-out.

Sponsoring the Time is Running Out exhibition are Arup, the Environment Agency, Graham Laing O’Rourke, National Highways, Network Rail, Tony Gee and Jones Bros (civil engineering) Ltd based in North Wales.

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