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Wrexham Academy of Screen Acting Growing Our Local Acting Talent!

by Love Wrexham Magazine

At Wrexham Academy of Screen Acting, the mission is clear: to empower aspiring actors, locally and beyond, to launch their careers in television and film.

Founded by professional actors Dean Fagan and Louise Pridding, along with co-director/actor Ruby Snape. They’re dedicated to nurturing and guiding students to achieve success within the industry. They believe it is within reach for every one of their students to realise their dreams and ambitions.

“A Thriving Hub”

Dean says, “We’re more than just a school; we’re a thriving hub of creativity. Our focus is on nurturing talent in a supportive environment where each individual shines. We’re determined to bring the industry to Wrexham, making it a vibrant creative hub and eliminating the need for local actors to travel far and wide for opportunities.”

During class, actors work on a film/TV scene before entering a professional environment. Constructive feedback is given, and the actors get the opportunity to film again, taking those notes on board. Dean, Louise, and Ruby offer continual advice through group chats, giving actors a sense of community and support.

Louise says, “We understand the challenges of breaking into the industry. This is why we offer advice and help with self-tapes and portfolio-building bits, like showreels and headshots, equipping our students with the skills to ace auditions and get the jobs. Our focus is on training actors and shaping future stars.”

The Wrexham Academy of Screen Acting hosts regular “WASA” industry events where students network with professionals such as agents, casting directors, producers, and also directors, gaining invaluable insights into the workings of the industry. Dean, Louise, and Ruby have lined up several well-known industry professionals for the coming months.

Dean Fagan
Dean Fagan

Ian Puleston-Davis

Recently, actor, director, and writer Ian Puleston-Davies, whose feature film Bolan’s Shoes was released nationally in cinemas last year, delivered an enlightening talk.

His humour and honesty made for an engaging evening. They’re grateful to have him as a member of the Academy’s board of trustees.

In addition to adult classes, WASA now has Youth Sessions, run by Dean and Youth Co-Ordinator/Tutor Fern Evans. Fern, an actor with a passion for teaching, excels at sharing her industry insights with aspiring actors, particularly in the 11-17 year age bracket.

Dean, Louise, Ruby, and Fern have an impressive list of credentials. They all live in Wrexham and want to dispel the myth that actors must live in London or Manchester to have a successful acting career.

They are amazing ambassadors who firmly believe everyone has the potential to succeed in the industry. It’s about harnessing your unique story to inspire and make an impact.

The Academy is adamant — “We’re ensuring that the legacy of great screen acting continues to thrive, especially in North Wales!”

Hungry for success in the industry? Step into the Wrexham Academy of Screen Acting. Make your mark in film and television!

Find out more at wrexhamacademyofscreenacting.com or to keep up to date with the community, click here.


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