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World Of Online Music Classes

by Adam Howarth, Editor
World of Online Music Classes

Welcome to the world of online music classes: Ever watched X Factor or The Voice and thought you could do better? Well, now you can. Let that inner Adele reveal itself, discover your hidden talents, learn to play an instrument or even just witness an online virtual concert.

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The Music Ambition

Anurag Bhatnagar, the founder of themusicambition.com, has created a comprehensive article about learning music for guitar, piano and voice. It’s full of useful information and is well worth checking out.

Sing-Along – Go Karaoke-ing

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Smule released as Sing! Karaoke on the iOS platform. It is a fantastic app to show off your singing skills: sing alone or with a partner and make some magical videos. Additionally, you could host a family-friendly music night, a virtual singing party or create something like we’ve seen from Italy with people singing along together from their balconies.

Try the Ukulele, Guitar or Even Piano

Yousician is an app for anyone who wants to have a go at learning to sing or play the guitar or ukulele. You can get real-time feedback and instructions as you access the thousands of songs, exercises and teacher-crafted lessons!

Join millions of ‘Yousicians’ and take a journey through the lessons designed by expert music teachers. Sign up for free and use their step-by-step tutorials and tailored sessions. There is also a wide selection of songs – no cords or cables needed.

Feel Like Giving Beatboxing a Go?

If you’ve ever fancied giving beatboxing a try, but you never knew where to start, School of Beatbox could be just what you’re looking for. There are multiple courses to choose from for beginners and intermediate students.

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Red Karaoke

Use the Red Karaoke Sing and Record app to record yourself singing one of the 70,000 available songs. You can then play back your recordings to see where you can improve vocally. If you’re confident and proud enough of what you’ve recorded, you can share the finished product with over 7 million members! There is even a feature that allows you to use some special vocal effects before sharing and team up with other people for duets.

Pocket Pitch

Pocket Pitch is a great app for helping you find the right notes when a musical instrument isn’t available. You can use it to find your pitch, the right notes or if you’re warming up for an a-cappella session.

Perfect Piano

In spite of the name, this app mainly appeals to singers. You don’t have to be an experienced pianist to use it. No matter what your skill level is, the Perfect Piano app can help you through your vocal practice sessions. You also can use it to improve your pitch, to play warm-up exercises or play music to help with sight-reading.

The World of Online Music Classes - mother and child play the piano together
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If you’re not a pianist, this app is an excellent place to start learning some piano basics. It may also come in handy with your singing career. It can’t take the place of a professional teacher or the right keyboard, of course, but it’s a decent alternative for when you don’t have a piano to hand.

Seven-Minute Vocal Warm-Up

Do you have a profession that requires you to use your voice daily? This app will help you do a simple vocal warm-up quickly anytime, anywhere without musical instruments. Just follow the instructions and sing along with the audio guide. It’s practical, fun and simple to use.

The new version includes breathing exercises and two warm-up routines. Furthermore, the PRO version contains even more features and no ads. The warm-up routine in this app is designed by Indra Aziz, a professional musician and vocal trainer with 15 years’ experience teaching professional singers and public speakers.

Welcome to Musical U!

Would you like to learn to play by ear, sing in tune, become more musically confident, and more? Firstly, you need to know what your current strengths are and how to focus your efforts. The Musicality Checklist will give you the clarity you need to ensure your training is effective and successful.

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Learn how to sing today! With over 300,000 subscribers, 40 million YouTube views and the coach of choice for the professionals, the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is one of the finest vocal coaching sites around.

The World of Online Music Classes - Ken Tamplin music coach
Ken Tamplin

Ken is a leading, internationally renowned vocal coach with over 30 years of touring, recording and studying voice with the world’s top vocal coaches. Moreover, he has roadtested what works and what doesn’t and has poured this lifetime of information and experience into a singing course. He has 40 commercially-released CDs and over 40 million YouTube views.

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