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Impacts of Covid-19 on Our Health and Well-being

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Michelle Bowen

We are just starting to come through the worst of an incredibly stressful and, for some, really distressing time. There has been considerable focus on the health of the nation and even when the restrictions were at their height, we were still being encouraged to get out and run, walk or cycle. Albeit no further than an hour from our homes.

As a health and fitness professional, I have taken inspiration from so many. Die-hard gym-goers have had to adapt and evolve their training to continue achieving that same level of workout as they did in their fully-equipped gyms. More importantly, so many people have used this situation to start their fitness journey and take those steps to improving health and well-being.

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are especially important at this time because:

  • It can be useful to reduce stress;
  • they can re-mobilise the body after hours of sitting at an unsuitable home desk set-up;
  • It can prevent weight gain in an environment where food is so easily accessible;
  • they boost the immune system; and
  • they improve sleep.

Here are a few suggestions to help you stay active:

Get outdoors – the one thing we have been able to carry on doing throughout the restrictions is exercise. Even if that’s going for a walk, run or bike ride. Three great reasons for this are that it requires no financial outlay, you can include your family and you are outside in the fresh air, stimulated and alert. Some great free exercise programmes are available online that show you how to build your mileage and speed up gradually. It doesn’t have to be running, merely walking your daily step target will leave you feeling energised.

Go virtual! – so many organisations are providing online classes and many have adapted them to be equipment-free and use bodyweight exercises. Online courses are great for those with limited fitness experience or who like to be motivated and supported through the session. You may have to pay a small fee, but remember a qualified trainer will offer these classes. This is their way of being able to provide their services and expertise outside the studio environment and still be able to create that community feeling throughout the session.

Michelle Bowen

Online personal-training sessions are excellent for those with specific health and fitness goals. An experienced personal trainer will be able to keep you accountable to those health and fitness goals and support you in all areas to help you achieve them. The sessions will be tailored to you. It will help you incorporate equipment you have available.

Although it may take a little effort to find the right fitness routine for you, regular exercise and physical activity can really help you optimise your health and well-being. If you need any help or guidance in taking this first step, please get in touch by emailing hello@michellebowen.co.uk

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