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Achieving a Lifestyle Change Through Positive Thinking

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Hannah Sadowska

In the first of a series of articles addressing ways to help you with your physical and mental well-being. Hannah talks to us about her online business dealing with health and mental well-being through “walk/run therapy”, mindset coaching and a Keto lifestyle called “Cracking the Cycle”.

In 2005, after leaving school with five GCSEs and pursuing a career as a personal trainer, I asked myself “What do I want to do now?”.

I loved my job, but I could no longer do it because of my eating issues – as I had developed bulimia as a coping mechanism for the stresses and strains of my personal and work life.

When trying a few sales jobs, I was sitting behind my desk one day and sensed an opportunity with the launch of Miss Run Riot. Sadly I had to give it up due to my mental health. One day, I decided to get my bulimia under control and study psychology. This gave me the platform to build my business Cracking the Cycle.

My approach towards lifestyle change is to provide a positive role model and to be genuine with no hidden agendas while demonstrating energy and motivation. Creating a set of positive-thinking patterns will ultimately help your; emotional mindset, beliefs, values, behaviour and feelings through mental coaching, physical fitness and ketogenic nutrition.

The decision to seek support is often not a simple one. Once taken, it marks a commitment to care for yourself that may then be fostered in our work together until you can meet your dilemmas or troubles with more understanding, gentleness and greater ease.

Because each person is unique, my work draws on many theoretical orientations and styles. I tailor my approach to help you and your individual needs while offering a comfortable and confidential space. This is where you can look at a life free of expectation or judgement. Mindset coaching can help you make sense of

your situation and help you live a more fulfilling life. It can give you new tools to handle conflict, challenge and free you from behaviour that holds you back from the life you deserve.

Many of my clients manifest their emotional state through their eating patterns. They seek to change this by using mindset changes in conjunction with a Ketogenic lifestyle change. I was introduced to this by my doctor as a way of dealing with my

bulimia and I have fully embraced this change as it is achievable and, most importantly, easily maintainable. Moreover, traditional carb-heavy diets can lead to three major health setbacks: obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation. Each of these can in turn cause the others and this creates a cycle of disease and chronic illness.

For more information on the keto lifestyle, visit crackingthecycle.com.

This article is by

Hannah Sadowska BSc (Hons) MBPsS

Mindset and keto lifestyle wellness practitioner

Hannah lives in Penley with her two children and is studying for a Masters degree in counselling at Bangor University.

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