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And… Breathe!

by Love Wrexham Magazine
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Feeling the pressure? Four quick questions that can help to calm you down.

Life has a way of being full-on. We are exposed to varied situations all the time – some can be more undesirable and infuriating than others. Few people, however, will ever have been faced with the stress and uncertainty that we are currently experiencing. Managing your stress levels in such a situation is as important as looking after your physical health. Here are some simple questions that can help you to keep calm when you feel the pressure building. Remember to just breathe!

1. Do I need to do this now?

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Whether or not you are feeling stressed about a task, there is one question that you should get into the habit of asking every time – ‘Will the world end if I don’t do it right now? Can this wait?’ An emotionally-charged state of mind is no time to be making decisions or taking action. Take a moment, go and get a coffee, pause for thought. Let your emotions settle before deciding a clear course of action. Don’t put things off indefinitely of course – give yourself a definitive time to deal with it, set a reminder and walk away. The positive side effect is that sometimes when you revisit the situation, it has already resolved itself.

2. Can I do something to make myself feel better without making it worse?


In daunting times, emotions can be all-encompassing and sometimes the rage just needs releasing before you can get on with your day. The trick is to find a positive way to do this.

Take a walk outside, do some breathing exercises or write down your feelings. The fresh air along with the daylight and change of scenery will help to remind you that there’s so much more to life. Being angry is an entirely natural reaction to what we are all experiencing. The key is finding a way to let your feelings out without being destructive towards you or others.

3. Is it actually worth it?

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Sometimes there are situations that you do have to tackle immediately and sometimes you have no choice but to resolve an uncomfortable, harmful or tense situation. Sometimes you just can’t hold it back. That is where this question comes in handy. Consider the consequences of your actions. Consider what will happen if you do this and what will happen if you don’t. Will this have longer-term implications? Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t matter.

4. Do I know all the facts?

In a world filled with misinformation, this is more important than ever – but it’s also true for even the smallest of issues. Whatever action you are considering, ask yourself if you have all the facts. Is there anything that you would benefit from finding out? There is an old saying that knowledge is power – and there is a lot of truth in it. Take a moment now to do a little background research before acting and you’ll save time and energy later, further helping to reduce your stress levels.

Article and images kindly provided by J. Allan Longshadow, wordworx

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