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New National Covid Measures For Wales

by Adam Howarth, Editor
New National Covid Measures For Wales

As Wales enters the second week of the firebreak, Ministers have met through the weekend to discuss new national Covid measures. These measures will start from 9th November.

Mark Drakeford Statement

Here is a statement from First Minister Mark Drakeford yesterday, 2nd November 2020:

“We are continuing to finalise the details of these new measures. I will subsequently make a further statement to the Senedd tomorrow. The unexpected announcement by the Prime Minister over the weekend that England will start a month-long lockdown on Thursday has meant that we have needed to make adjustments to some of our plans. However, the firebreak in Wales will end as planned on 9th November.

“The Welsh Government has considered the impact the English lockdown will have on the next steps in Wales. It will have an impact on people who live in Wales, but work in England; on companies operating in Wales and England and on businesses trading along the border.

A Cautious Approach

“When the firebreak ends, there will be a new set of national measures which will replace the previous local restrictions. We will once again take a cautious approach. Additionally, we will ease restrictions gradually to ensure the firebreak has the maximum possible impact on coronavirus. We will review the situation after a fortnight to see whether we can make further changes to the national measures.

“From next Monday, two households will be able to join together to form an exclusive extended household – bubble. To help keep everyone as safe as possible at home, only people from your own household or extended household can meet in your private home.

New Indoor Meeting Arrangements

“Beyond November 9th, there will be new arrangements for meeting indoors in other settings. For example, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. As all these places will be closed in England, we have to think about how the hospitality sector in Wales, in particular, can operate in these new circumstances. These considerations will continue throughout today “(2nd November 2020).

  • Up to 15 people will be able to take part in an organised indoors activity and up to 30 in organised outdoor activities, providing you follow all social distancing, hand hygiene and other covid safety measures.
  • Schools will reopen in full from next Monday.
  • Working from home will become even more important.
  • All business premises, which have been shut since October 23rd, will be able to reopen on November 9th.
  • Local authority services will resume, reflecting local circumstances and places of worship will also be able to reopen.
  • There will be no travel restrictions inside Wales. However, during the month-long lockdown in England, you cannot travel outside Wales without a reasonable excuse.

“I want to thank everyone for all their support during the firebreak so far. Together we are keeping Wales safe.”

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