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Healthy Breakfasts to Start Your Day

Healthy Breakfasts To Start Your Day
Sarah-Jane Ellis

“Healthy Breakfasts to Start Your Day” is by our regular contributor Sarah-Jane Ellis.

Opening and reopening the kitchen cupboards in search of breakfast is not how I like to start my day. How about you? Being conscious about your weight can make it even harder to think of tasty and speedy breakfast ideas.

To help you out, we’ve found seven fuss-free breakfasts perfect for not just those watching their waistlines, but, well, everyone!

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are the perfect breakfast. They’re quick, tasty and full of fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer. For one portion, you’ll need:

  • Quick or rolled oats (40 to 50 grams per portion).
  • Berries and sliced banana.
  • Natural, fat-free yoghurt or milk (dairy or plant-based).
  • A little sweetener (optional).

Mix well, leave to set overnight and enjoy!

Good Old-Fashioned Porridge

A perfect breakfast that is just perfectly easy to make. Simply combine oats, dairy or plant-based milk and fruit to enjoy a delicious, hunger-delaying breakfast. Add a little nutmeg and cinnamon powder for a warming breakfast or cocoa powder to satisfy that chocolate craving.


Perfect for busy mornings and hungry kids! Get your daily fibre in the form of Bran Flakes, Oat Bran, Weetabix, Puffed Wheat, Home-made Granola, or natural muesli (no added sugar). Pair with dairy or plant-based milk or fat-free yoghurt, and toss in some fruit for a quick and nutritious brekkie.


Image by Parvez Azarqaderi on Unsplash

You can eat pancakes when you’re watching your weight? YES, when they’re this healthy, you can!

For two people (eight medium pancakes):

  • Use a blender to grind 100 grams of whole oats into flour.
  • Add one large banana (the riper, the better),250ml of plant-based or dairy milk, 1.5 teaspoonfuls of bicarb and optional sweetener.
  • Blend until it resembles a thick batter.
  • Heat some Frylight in a non-stick pan on a medium heat.
  • Spoon a ladle per pancake and cook until golden brown on each side.

English Breakfast

We all love a good fry-up! Use low-calorie and filling foods like tinned tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, eggs or tofu. Fry using Frylight or a good non-stick pan. Add a slice of wholemeal bread and lean sausages, lean bacon or veggie sausages for a satisfying breakfast that won’t cause those jeans to shrink!

Toast Toppings

We’re a toast-loving nation. Here are some of our favourite toppings:

  • Sweet Freedom chocolate spread (only 13 calories per teaspoonful) and sliced banana.
  • Scrambled tofu. Cook similarly to scrambled egg, but add half a teaspoonful of pepper, turmeric, chilli flakes and a little salt.
  • Enjoy fried, poached or scrambled eggs cooked with Frylight.
  • Baked beans and tinned tomatoes are other low-calorie and filling options.

Fruit Salad

An exotic, refreshing bowl of mango, pineapple, kiwi, papaya and banana are perfect for warm summer days. Grapes and berries are handy for quick breakfasts. Top with fat-free yoghurt, a sweetener or chopped nuts for extra yumminess.

To get a nutritious breakfast that aids your weight loss and slimming journey, make sure to eat your fruit, fibre, and calcium. But it’s your breakfast so just enjoy.

Sarah-Jane Ellis

You can read more of Sarah’s articles at sarah-jane-ellis.medium.com or anjuskitchen.co.uk

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Main photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash.

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