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Anne Douglas: Poets’ Corner

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Anne Douglas Poetry

This month we feature three poems by Acton-based poet Anne Douglas. Anne has lived in North Wales for many years as well as in the south of England and The Orient. You can find more of her poetry at crossborderpoets.co.uk/poetry-book-by-anne-douglas/

If you are a poet yourself, why not send your work to info@love-wrexham.com and we may be able to include it in a future issue?

Meadow flowers (Plant nonet)

Snakes heads bent, sneaking towards the sun
Honeysuckle twining upwards
Gold crocus grows in the wind
Scintillating snowdrops
Verdant coppices
Mauve clematis
Fragrant rose

June Rains

And with that crack of thunder,
The heavens open,
Down comes the rain,
Trickling, teeming,
Huge black clouds take over,
The wind picks up,
Hear the rainstorm,
Children playing out,
Happy voices in the rainfall,
Raindrops on my toes,
Wind whips through rain,
Verdurous gardens,
Rain-soaked soil,
Flowers shelter,
Seeds burst through,
Green shoots appear,
And with that crack of thunder,
The heavens open,
Hear the rainstorm!

A Gemstone Forest

Stars shine through,
The whispering pines.
Darkness begins to fall,
Shrouding the coppices,
Of oak.
And in the centre lies a moonstone,
Look upwards to an opal Moon,
Beaming down between
Twisted branches.
In the groves,
Stars shine through
The whispering pines,
Sweet sounds,
Music from the trees.
A moon gleaming down,
In the centre of a dark, green jade forest.
Dryads flit from twig to twig.
Blessed with immortality,
Gods of Greece punish those who
Destroy trees,
Delicious, heavenly trees.
Stars shine through,
The whispering pines.

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