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Future’s Bright for FC United of Wrexham

FC United of Wrexham was founded in 2020 when Brickfield Rangers pulled the plug on their futsal programme.

The club has had notable players representing them through futsal. An example is Brad Miguel, who has played in the World Cup qualifiers for St Vincent and The Grenadines.

The club’s youth system is mainly futsal, although there are two visions for the future: the football section and the futsal section.

FC United of Wrexham

Vision One – football 

They have a 20-year plan to get into the second tier of Welsh football. However, to do this, they have to work hard to secure their own ground to move up the leagues.

Vision Two – Futsal 

FC United of Wrexham also have a seven-year plan to win the FAW Futsal Elite League, which will help them get into the European UEFA Futsal Champions League. They feel their under-11s, who have been playing futsal since under-five level, can achieve this if they keep receiving the proper support.

Andrew Ruscoe (Joint Chairman, Founder and U11 Coach), Morgan Churchill (Joint Chairwoman, Founder and Female Development Head) and Tom Winsper (Vice Chairman, Founder and U6 Coach) head up their backroom staff.

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