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A Walk Around The “Valley of the Buzzards”

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Moss Valley

This month’s walk is around Moss Valley, Wrexham.


Moss Valley is the location for this month’s walk. The route comes in at under five miles and should take about two hours to complete. It is relatively easy-going throughout, although a couple of sections will have you breathing heavily!

You will experience all kinds of different terrain – there are areas of dense woodland, open grassland, coniferous woods and rolling hills.

The walk can be boggy, muddy and rather slippery in places, so we recommend a pair of good walking boots. Gaiters may be prudent if it has been raining. All the stiles on the walk are dog-friendly.

Your starting point is the car park at Moss Valley Golf Club (photo 1), postcode LL11 6HA.

Moss Valley Golf Club
1. Moss Valley Golf Club

You can catch the 21 or the 21A from Wrexham bus station. Go to traveline.cymru for more information.

Head South To Begin

Cross the road and walk up the short slope to the wide grassy swathe. Head south along the central mown strip. Look out for buzzards here and at several stages of the walk. After about 0.4 miles, join a path by a waymarker with a white arrow on a green background. Go straight on with the line of trees immediately to your right. The trail enters a wood, marked by a wooden post with a white arrow on a circular orange background.

Presently, you’ll see a concrete area through the trees to your left and then the first of the Moss Valley lakes. Be careful here because the path inclines steeply to the left. When the track levels out, you’ll be on the edge of a road (Poolmouth Road). Turn left, walk for a few yards and turn left again into the car park. Take care on this short stretch of road because there’s no pavement.

Motorcycle Inhibitor Gateway

Walk through the “motorcycle inhibitor” gateway (2) with the two leaning barriers in the shape of an inverted V. The lake is now on your left. Keep an eye out for cyclists. You should have covered about a mile by now.

Path with "inverted V" gateway
2. Path with “inverted V” gateway

As the path rises, you’ll see a plain wooden bench on your left. Follow the path to the left and go over the bridge. You are now back on the “green swathe“. Follow the mown strip that runs to the left of the brook due north until you get back to the golf club car park (1.75 miles). Walk past the southern end of the clubhouse and go up the path on the right, passing the green metal signpost to Top Road.

Just before the second metal streetlight, take the path to your left that runs almost parallel to the golf course fairways. Enjoy the holly, elm, birch and horse chestnut trees. There is also a vast bank of ivy to your right at one point. Go down the three wooden steps. Be careful covering the next section as the path slopes steeply to your left. Step over the fallen log.

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Cross The Fairways With Care!

Continue along the woodland trail. When you reach the end, you’ll see a white house and out-building in front of you and a putting green to your left. Skirt the green around its right edge and carry straight on past the green metal signpost, across the fairways and over the small stone bridge (3). There is a small coniferous wood beyond.

Fairways and Stone Bridge
3. Fairways and Stone Bridge

* Pay particular attention to any golfers to your left and right as you’re crossing the fairways.

Go straight on through the small wood and head up the hill following the two waymarkers and black-and-white hooped pole. Turn left at the line of trees and go along the short path with the waymarker on the left. Take the sloping path next to the white sign in front of you. Go through a kissing gate and turn right.

You have covered about 2.75 miles now. Bryn Mally Lodge is in front of you. Turn right just before the house where the signpost says “Halcog, ½ mile”, and follow the path into a wood full of jays.

Mount Pleasant

Go through the kissing gate into a field. Follow the fence on your left. You will see the Wrexham Ross Transmitter above you and to your left. Go through the kissing gate (point X – see reference five paragraphs further on) and turn right. Go through another kissing gate, taking special care with the two worn stone steps on the other side.

You now have a spectacular panoramic view in front of you (4) with Mount Pleasant flanked by two valleys (one towards Mold, the other towards Liverpool). The field exit is in the far-left corner so head over there as you see fit. There is a very attractive stretch of oak and holly along the wall on the far edge of the field.

Mt Pleasant and view towards Liverpool
4. Mount Pleasant and view towards Liverpool

Go through the kissing gate and take the right-hand fork. Continue down the path until you see the cream house (Yord Cottage on Glyon Lane). Turn sharp left and follow the path with the fence on your right. The path rises as the fence peels away. Continue along it until you see a small depression on your left.

The path splits into three here: take the middle one. The trail rises and meets another path coming from the right. Join this path and go up what looks like a “Drovers’ Trail” with trees on either side.


The trail comes out onto a street called Halcog. Walk up the road for about 150 yards until you come to Green Road on your right. Turn left along the farm track and go through the kissing gate as the track bears right. Go straight on until you reach the kissing gate.

This is point “X” from before and means you are retracing your steps for the next half mile or so. Walk along the fence, which is now on your right (the transmitter is also now on your right) until you reach the kissing gate. Enter the wood with the jays. Reach the kissing gate, turn left and left again through the second kissing gate. Descend the path to the golf course and turn right at the white sign.

Follow the waymarkers to the right across the top of this section of the golf course until you reach a kissing gate and a five-bar gate. You have now reached Pendwll Road (5). Walk along this road with houses on either side for about a quarter of a mile until you reach Moss Valley Golf Club car park on your left.

5. Pendwll Road

Congratulations, you have finished the walk!

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Moss Valley Wrexham Walk

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