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Ideas For Your Luxurious Winter Getaway

Ideas For Your Luxurious Winter Getaway

Here are three ideas for your luxurious getaway to beat those winter blues.

In North Wales, the nights are beginning to pull in. The clocks will change within a couple of weeks, and we’ll be coming home in the dark. That’s right; winter is coming with the cold, wet, miserable weather we’ve come to expect and endure. It can be a tough time. The NHS even explain how seasonal affective disorder is a serious issue for people who struggle to switch between the summer sun and winter wind.

Summer will seem a million miles away, but it is only a few thousand miles away, depending on which direction you choose. It might not be actual summer. But there are plenty of ways to get a little winter sunshine to top up those vitamin D levels.

Indeed, you can find many destinations to enjoy over the summer, and some even give you that little slice of luxury that not everybody gets. Rather than flying cattle-class to Zante, why not ensure your smooth transition into winter by spoiling yourself in terms of the destination and the elegance with which you travel and stay?

Go on a Caribbean Adventure

A Caribbean adventure sounds luxurious in its own right, and it is. The soft, sandy beaches and guaranteed sunshine will soon have you forgetting all about falling leaves back home, but there are ways you can make it even more of an experience. Explora Journeys explains how some of their adventures are not just a method of getting from one place to another but an experience to be enjoyed, with many different cuisines on offer and a level of comfort that is unparalleled. Enjoying that, whilst hopping from one island paradise to another, will soon banish those winter blues.

Sail to a Remote Greek Island

Greece isn’t all that far, and if you’re willing to put in the miles, you can have a luxury break without leaving Europe. The weather is usually good all year round, and if you pick the right islands, you can find a level of unmatched luxury hidden away. You may have to fly part of the way, usually to Athens or Rhodes, and then take a boat or ferry to your island. We’re not talking about your typical British-Greek resorts here; we’re talking about the sort of island paradise where you won’t get a Full English breakfast from a bar with an Irish name. Round The World in 30 Days suggest Symi as a destination, as it offers serenity and peacefulness that could easily be interpreted as luxury.

Symi luxury holiday greek island

Fly to Thailand

What could be more luxurious than whiling away the hours on a sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and late November sun? Very little, we would imagine, and that’s why Thailand is a great destination for Western adventurers. Prices are not as steep as in other parts of the world so that you can afford a little more luxury, and for those with the means, first-class flights are available from London and Luton. Once there, the country is a magnificent hotbed of warmth and excitement. Why not seek a paradise island like Ko Samui, where the rains falling in Wales will feel like a distant dream? You may also hunt out luxury boutique resorts in the mountains, such as Na Nirand, which won’t benefit from the blue seas but will certainly make you feel like a king or queen.

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