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A Circular Walk Around Erddig, Marchwiel and Sontley

by Adam Howarth, Editor
A Circular Walk Around Erddig, Marchwiel and Sontley

This month we take you on a circular walk around Erddig, Marchwiel and Sontley. If you like variety on a walk, you should enjoy this one. You’ll cross open fields, pass through shaded woodland and stroll along quiet country lanes. A larger version of the Ordnance Survey map marking the walk is in the hard copy of the magazine.

A Circular Walk Around Erddig, Marchwiel and Sontley


This walk isn’t particularly steep, but it is quite boggy in parts and there are some overgrown sections. You’ll need boots and long trousers or gaiters. It is about six miles long and should take you around 2½ to 3 hours. There are fields along the walk containing sheep or cattle. Some of the stiles are not dog-friendly and would require you to lift your pet over them.

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Starting Point – Erddig Car Park

I started the walk just next to the main car parks at Erddig. Stand with your back to the 18th-century octagonal dovecote (1) and walk along the road to your left. Walk over the crossroads with the left turn to the exit for Whitchurch and the A525 and carry on for 100 yards. Turn right here. You should see some iron gates in front of you and a low redbrick building with a sign saying “Tea Garden” on it. Turn left and go down the path which bends to the right.

Erddig Dovecote
(1) Erddig Dovecote

Go through the wooden kissing gate onto the path and turn right. You’ll see the “Cup and Saucer” on your left after a minute or so (2). Carry on along the path and over a couple of bridges. Exit the park through the wooden kissing gate and then go through another one on the right immediately afterwards. Walk along the path through the woods for about 15 minutes and go through the kissing gate above you and to your left up a bank. Turn right on the lane and walk past the car park on your right. Turn left through the gate before the bridge with the green railings.

Erddig Cup and Saucer
(2) Erddig Cup and Saucer

Bryn y Cabanau House

Walk through the water meadow, following the line of the wood to your left. When you reach the two wooden posts marked “Tree”, stop and look diagonally right across the field. You’ll see a wooden post with a white arrow on it. Walk towards it. As you pass the post, you’ll see a green metal bridge ahead of you. Cross the bridge and follow the path to the right and uphill. After about five minutes, you’ll see a short wooden marker post on your left (3).

A Circular Walk Around Erddig, Marchwiel and Sontley
(3) Turn Left Shortly After This Marker

The path then angles downwards. Turn left at the bottom of the slope, leaving the main path. As you turn left and walk up the grassy slope, you’ll go through a metal kissing gate. Carry on until you reach the open land with the house after the wooden steps. The house is called “Bryn y Cabanau” (4). Walk past the front of the house and look at the hedge that runs opposite. Go through the metal gate in the hedge and turn diagonally right across the field. Walk between the telegraph pole and the electricity pylon if the crops permit it and it is dry underfoot. Aim for the left of the farmhouse ahead. Cross the grass track and exit the smaller field by walking between the two wooden waymarker posts. If crossing the field is not possible, turn right as you go through the metal gate and follow the hedge/fence line around the edge of the field until you reach the farmhouse. Walk along the grass track past the farmhouse and turn right. Cross the small field and walk between the two waymarker posts.

Bryn Y Cabanau
(4) Bryn Y Cabanau

Marchwiel Hall Lane

Turn left once you’re on the farm driveway and then turn left onto Marchwiel Hall Lane. Walk along the lane until it bends to the left. Enter the field to your right through the wooden kissing gate by the metal public footpath sign. Follow the left-hand hedge/fence line and exit the field through the wooden kissing gate after about five minutes. Do the same in the next field, ie follow the left-hand hedge/fence until you exit the field through the wooden kissing gate next to the metal gate. Bear diagonally right in the next field and aim for the solitary telegraph pole. Use the ancient stone stile to exit the field (5).

Stone Stile
(5) Stone Stile

Marchwiel Hall Cottage

Turn right once onto Woodhouse Lane. You’ll see Marchwiel Hall Cottage in front of you by the public footpath sign (6). Walk up the drive, past the left of the garage and in between the hedges. Hop over the stile into the field. Follow the left-hand fence line and then go through the metal kissing gate into the next field. In this field, keep following the left-hand fence line and exit through the metal gate in the left corner. Turn right and enter the next field through another metal gate on your left.

Marchwiel Hall Cottage
(6) Marchwiel Hall Cottage

Once in the next field, follow the fence line on your left and then walk around the pond (see main image). As you pass the pond, you’ll see a row of wooden posts running across the field. Count from the left and walk between the fifth and sixth posts (you’ll see a wooden post lying on the ground). In the hedgeline ahead of you, you’ll see a metal gate in a light-coloured section of wooden fencing.

Friendly Bullocks
(7) Friendly Bullocks

Go through the gate onto a track and turn right. Walk along the track, through the gate, past the friendly bullocks (7) and then over the stile onto a lane. Turn left and walk for about five minutes. Turn right onto a bridle path after the red-brick terraces (8).

A Circular Walk Around Erddig, Marchwiel and Sontley
(8) Turn Right Here onto The Bridle Path

Old Sontley Cottages

Walk along the shaded bridle path, passing various footpath signs and gates. Cross the small metal bridge over Gefeiliau Brook after about 10-15 minutes (9). Horses had churned this section up quite badly when I scouted the walk so ensure you wear boots if it has been raining. Carry on up the slope after the bridge until you reach Sontley Road. Turn right and then left shortly afterwards by Old Sontley Cottages.

Bridge over Gefeiliau Brook
(9) Bridge over Gefeiliau Brook

After about 10 minutes, the road bends left sharply. Turn right and go through the wooden kissing gate with the “Erddig” sign (10). Walk along the path for about 10 minutes and turn left at the path junction. Follow the track until it reaches the main drive into Erddig. Turn right and right again after about 5-10 minutes to finish up at the dovecote again.

Entrance to Erddig - A Circular Walk Around Erddig, Marchwiel and Sontley
(10) Entrance to Erddig

Congratulations – you’ve completed the walk!

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