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Weight Loss Through Mindset Coaching

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Weight Loss Through Mindset Coaching

This month, Hannah tells us how mindset life coaching can help achieve weight loss through a healthy client-coach relationship.

Weight Loss Through Mindset Coaching

There are currently two main approaches to weight loss through mindset coaching. Firstly, these approaches are person-centred and secondly, cognitive behavioural. As a mindset coach, I seek to explore a client’s experiences of whether they feel listened to. In other words, this approach includes finding out if their weight-loss experiences have been positive and achieved through a humanistic approach.

Listening Is a Vital Skill

Neon change signAll counselling or coaching methods emphasise listening to a client and helping them explore their experiences. Practitioners use a technique known as ‘active listening’, a skill that does not come naturally and requires practice and understanding. Importantly, it allows the client to open up and explore an issue effectively.

Within a therapeutic setting, listening means capturing enough of what a client says or implies to answer a question or provide insight. Additionally, we use counselling or coaching skills to see the other person’s point of view and investigate it. This is referred to as the internal frame of reference (IFR).

As a mindset coach, I look at the other person’s world from their angle using empathy, IFR and many other complementary skills. I can then ascertain how these aspects might mesh to create a relationship based on mindset coaching skills. Research suggests that a beneficial association of this kind is crucial to the quality of assistance that can be offered and received.

“Active Attention”

Studies have demonstrated that an individual’s self-esteem directly affects their capability to lose weight. Consequently, nurturing this self-esteem is crucial to the quality of the help provided within a therapeutic relationship.

Within person-centred coaching, active listening means that you have to be aware of all the signals a person gives off. We don’t just listen to what a client is saying, we also use observational skills to pick up on non-verbal cues. This process is called ‘active attention’. We are deliberately paying the most detailed and exceptional attention using all our senses.

In a nutshell, the overarching purpose of active listening is to pay attention to and understand thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Whether they are positive or negative.

Behavioural intentions

I also help a client address poor health habits and stimulate an improvement in their behaviour. This method can involve being uncomfortably honest, but it frequently motivates a change for the better.

A practical method for a client to lose weight is to use a theory of planned behaviour. This approach involves weight loss or positive health behaviour as a direct result of behavioural intention. Using behavioural intention effectively includes analysing your perception of opinions of significant others, eg parents or close friends.

Hannah Sadowska

Hannah Sadowska

I usually use person-centred and behavioural-mindset approaches towards weight loss. Additionally, I explore whether this has allowed the client to move towards a genuinely healthy lifestyle change.

In conclusion, my mindset coaching sessions, in groups or on a one-to-one basis, allow a client to change over time with no accountability, stress or anxiety. As a result, they avoid regaining weight and to have an overall positive experience.

For more information on my online Keto slimming club, please visit www.crackingthecycle.com on 07506 844 257.

We hope you enjoyed reading about weight loss through mindset coaching. For other articles we’ve featured from Hannah, please click here.

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