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Get Ahead With Indian Head Massage

An Indian Head Massage For You, Rudy

Indian Head massage, as the name suggests, came from India. As a practice, it has been handed down the generations for over a thousand years. This form of Ayurveda refers to the Indian philosophy of health, meaning “life and knowledge”. Ayurveda embraces massage as a means of balancing mind, body, and spirit.

Bonding Between Mother and Child

As a therapist, I’ve witnessed (and experienced myself) how well this 40-minute therapy can work for clients’ anxiety and tension. In addition, clients often mention improved sleep when providing feedback about its benefits.

Little wonder that this is a daily practice in India from birth, promoting bonding between mother and child. Traditionally Indian Head Massage (IHM) focuses on the scalp, face and hair. You may be surprised to find this is also something a barbers shop would offer. Since arriving in the West, the treatment now includes the upper back, shoulders and arms too.

Sesame, Mustard or Almond Oil

Before treatment, it may be necessary for those with medical conditions to check with their GP that it won’t worsen their condition. After an initial health consultation with the therapist, clients remain fully clothed and seated in a chair for the treatment. For this reason, it’s a popular workplace therapy for back and postural problems.

This massage may help workplace productivity, focus and concentration. It’s also ideal for those curious about massage but nervous about disrobing. We can use oils such as sesame, mustard or almond on the hair or skin if the client wants to disrobe. Some also prefer to lie down on the therapy bed.

Storing Tension

The practice of massage on the back, arms, shoulders, face and scalp, stimulates circulation and blood flow. Many of us ‘store’ tension in the body if we cannot eradicate or diminish stressors in our lives.

The shoulders, jaws, back, eyes, hands, digestive system, and head may subconsciously hold on to worry, stress, and grief. Usually, this is because we’re ‘just trying to get on’ with life. But, often, the physical body can become a dumping ground for unresolved issues, which in time build up.

The regular release of tension with a course of IHM may help various medical conditions characterised by aches, pain and stiffness. In addition, people may have life-changing root-cause insights such as ‘I must leave that job, it’s causing me too much tension!’.

About the Author – Emma Sims

Emma Sims

Emma Sims is a complementary holistic therapist, intuitive practitioner and Reiki teacher with 20+ years’ experience in this field. She has a clinic at the Community Resource Centre in Gwersyllt.

Obtain further details from emmasims.co.uk.

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